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Students have the chance of a real dream job with us! Because as a hostess with us you have a financially well-paid job, flexible time management and the free choice of which jobs you want to accept and which not! In addition, you probably live in a city where many trade fairs take place anyway, so the job as a trade fair hostess is perfect due to low travel times and costs!

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Why you should become a hostess

The location of most universities is often in large cities. So exactly where every year also many companies appear at events and trade fairs. Events like these attract visitors like magic and also more and more international entrepreneurs and guests come here. esfore the number of needed hostesses increases ! But why become a hostess instead of working in a supermarket or a cool café? It's simple! In addition to a varied daily routine and attractive pay, you get admission to exciting events, meet a lot of new people and can arrange your working hours so that they fit in with your university routine.

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Beome a hostess